Yet Another Gaming Blog

And so it begins. I am contributing to the plethora of gaming blogs out there. I do, however, have a particular theme in mind, and hopefully this will attract an audience of similarly challenged individuals.

I’ll begin with a little bit about me. I started playing DnD in high school. We played every day. We played in the library during lunch, and I hosted a longer game on Fridays after school. We played all night games, all weekend games. Eventually, we were all graduated. The eldest of us went off their own way, the younger two generations stuck together. We kept gaming. The youngest of us graduated and we scattered, off to college. We still played, a little less often, though. We’d have long weekend gaming marathons. Eventually we finished our two year epic campaign over spring break at my apartment, then the compulsion of being so far into a game was gone. We all got busier. We played once in a while, and our games mostly petered out after a few sessions. More people sort of vanished. We graduated, we moved, got jobs, changed jobs, moved again, made new friends, bought a house, got married. I now think I’ve played once in the last year, hopping in to a single session in a campaign that began without me and may now have ended without me. I now know far too many people who would love to game, spread hours away from each other, with different schedules, and hardly any free time anyway.

So what I’m getting at is gaming can get difficult when you have a lot of other stuff going on. I’ve been getting into a few gaming blogs – I’m sure I’ll cite particular posts later on – and picking up ideas to make writing and running a campaign easier with how hard it is to game. So I want to give back. I currently have a plan to try out a couple ideas, and run a short campaign. I’ve started talking to a group of friends who I’ve found easier to get together with in the past. I want to document my attempts to game now that I’m far away from home, married, with a full time job, and too many hobbies. And hopefully I’ll help others without the time or bandwidth to game like they used to reinvent what gaming is to finally get back to that favourite pastime of yesteryear.


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