Tarot Roleplaying

Here’s something different. I know a couple people who are getting into doing Tarot readings and working on becoming more familiar with the spreads and card interpretation. So this morning, after having readings being done in my house last night, it occurred to me that I can gameify that and come up with Roleplaying rules using a Tarot deck.

So here goes:


Version 0.0.1

by Terrordactyl




To create a quick and easy roleplaying system which simultaneously encourages exploration of the Tarot for improved familiarity and understanding.



Challenges are resolved by drawing a three card spread to describe the past/present/future, opportunities/challenges/outcome, or situation/advice/outcome, or, or, etc..

Tarot Roleplaying


A Tarot Roleplaying game is meant to be started and completed in one setting, nothing is written down, and characters are not preserved. Of course, that doesn’t have to be how it is.


Making your character:

Draw a Celtic Cross spread. This describes your character. Your archetype is determined by your “Above” and “Below” cards – either choose a suit of the two or a combination of the two.

Cups – Leader/Clergy  Pentacles – Mage  Swords – Warrior  Wands — Wanderer/Adventurer

The High Arcana in the above or below represent the interest of the Ascendants. This could be good or bad. Two High Arcana show a close interest, and provide a mastery of one of the suits. Choose any one of the four. (Alternatively: High Arcana are wildcards, OR no HA = Choose 1, 1 HA = Choose 2, 2 HA = Choose 3)


Playing the game, example:


Combat between two wizards:

The PC draws a three card spread to determine the resolution of the challenge.


Ace of Wands Ten of Cups The Fool
Lots of potential opportunities in this conflict The challenge is harmony – necessary calm to control your magic The outcome requires a leap of faith – draw one more card


Ace of Pentacles – Manifestation of goals, you succeed the challenge


So there’s the quick draft I hammered out during a coffee break. I’m interested in feedback regarding both gaming and fortune telling. If you’re interested in seeing the further development of this before I release a production quality rule set leave a comment saying so and I’ll keep you in the loop.