Paranormal Investigations of Los Angeles

Another short post. My friends for whom I developed the Tarot rules I posted last time voted for Urban Fantasy, so I’m writing that up for them. It’ll be ready to run soon, and then I can do a play report once that happens. For now, here’s the little introductory text block I’m giving them.

Hey, guys…

You work out of a small warehouse in Midtown. It’s hardly a warehouse. More of a large storage space. The three of you have set yourselves up against the long side walls of the often too-warm main room, often staring at your individual computer screens, displaying nothing of particular interest. One of you occasionally gets up to shoo away a prostitute or drug dealer loitering outside your “office,” obscuring the sign that reads “Paranormal Investigations of Los Angeles – When it’s too weird for anyone else.” The police chatter coming from the radios on each of your desks is normal for this time of day – lots of traffic stops, a DUI arrest in progress that you’re betting dinner on getting violent. The phone rings. You feel weird about having a desk phone in 2014, but it makes it feel more like a job. It’s your turn to answer the phone, you pick up the receiver, prepared to say “you have a wrong number,” but before you can even say “LA PI, how can I help you?” the other voice says “We have a job for you.” and hangs up. You hear something slide under the office door. You consider that this job might be getting too weird for you too, as you stand and seek the attention of your colleagues: “Hey, guys…”


Let me know if you think it’s an affective hook. Or if you want to see more of this adventure.


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