D&D Starter Set and more on Tarot Roleplaying

Two brief things.

First, I just picked up the new D&D Starter Set. I haven’t even opened it yet, but once I try it out I’ll do a play report. I haven’t been that enamored with WotC since Hasbro bought them, and I never picked up any of the 4e materials, but 5e is looking better, in my opinion, and I’m a fan of Zak S, who is a consultant for the new rules, so I’m interested in giving them a try. I expect that to be soon.

Second, a short update on the Tarot Roleplaying thing. All of my players have characters now. The process involved some massaging card interpretations, which is to be expected. I ended up being very open ended, since this is supposed to be an exercise in improving their reading skills, and encouraged them to interpret the cards in such a way that it answers the question of who is this character. I have a very rough outline for the first adventure, and may be posting a sort of profile of some features of the world I’m developing for this. Again, play report as soon as that happens.


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