A Little Housekeeping

Dealing With Attrition was the last thing I posted? I’ve been a terrible blogger.

Today’s post is housekeeping and life updates, I suppose.

You may know as I was DMing at the local shop, I was live streaming via Meerkat and posting the final videos on YouTube. There are more of those videos that I never finished finalizing and then I forgot my iPad a couple times and couldn’t get online to stream a couple times and sort of quit keeping up with it. We’ll call it an extended performance art piece about my last post. I’ll probably get those last few videos public and in some sort of playlist eventually. They’re really nothing fancy, I was just trying to one-up Dave at http://blog.danddencounters.com/

You probably don’t know that I am not DMing this season for Adventurer’s League. No shocking revelations of the sordid inner workings of AL, it’s just not a scheduling priority anymore. Any day now I’ll be a father for the first time, so that’s all I’m prioritizing.

But I do have some hobbying going on. I was recently told after the baby comes I’ll have free time, but it will be in 20 minute bursts. Since I’ve dropped some of my long time block commitments and my wife is in the stage of pregnancy that involves frequent naps, that has already come true, so I’ve been painting. I recently entered the MayaCast Q3 2015 painting contest. The whole album of all entries is on Facebook here.

And to merge the themes of roleplaying and my Infinity involvement, I have backed the Infinity RPG Kickstarter.

This is my first Kickstarter and it’s pretty exciting to watch those stretch goals be met, especially having gone for a pledge level that means each new goal is another PDF I’ll be receiving at the end.

It is my hope that I can get an Infinity RPG campaign off the ground. I was in the beta and may start using that before the core book shows up, depending on how things go after the baby is here. If baby is really good at naps I may do some YouTube stuff for it. I follow a lot of people who talk about fantasy RPGs on YouTube, but it seems like there’s not as much out there for SciFi.

Other gaming things I hope to have coming up include a session for Extra Life during which I plan to use A Red and Pleasant Land. I finally finished my initial read through of it and I think I’ll be sticking to the tables and general suggestions to do a lower level, lighter feeling excursion into the Place of Unreason using D&D 5e and pregens. My intention is to take a page from the Infinite Life Infinity Tournament and Re-Roll Weekend and charge admission, and allow players to pay for re-rolls. All proceeds, of course, going to Extra Life.

That’s my current focus, and after that is when I intend to switch my focus to the Infinity RPG. My wife wants to keep fantasy gaming as well, so something will happen there as well. Unsure what it will be currently.


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