Extra Life – Reporting Staggering Success Already!

Thanks to an extraordinarily generous anonymous donor I have already met my initial Extra Life fundraising goal of $100. That made me decide to embrace the concept of stretch goals.

I have raised my fundraising goal to $200, and picked some things I’ll do.

For the initial $100 I will stream my gaming on Game Day.

If I reach my new goal of $200 I will publish my Game Day adventure as ran along with a play report here. I will also come up with something new to do if I reach $300. I have some ideas that may be of interest to someone out there.

After Extra Life comes normal life. I am now a father and the truth of all the expectations is being revealed. So far some hobbying is still happening, given I am on leave so there are more opportunities if not actually more time. I have entered the current painting contest over on Data Sphere. I have my entry for Maya Cast sitting on the craft table right now, base coats are done. I’m looking forward to Game Day because I haven’t been able to get my RPG on since the Infinity RPG beta test. I’m also itching to play the Infinity miniatures game, it’s been a while for that too. I’m sure I’ll get one in some time soonish.


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