Extra Life – Play Report

Extra Life game day went really well. By the end I had blown past my third goal, and everyone said they had a great time. Like I said I’ll work on getting the adventure typed up in a clean fashion, but here’s the play report.

I opened the adventure in a little, unimportant town. The PCs had been traveling together just since the last town, since they were all headed the same way. They found the town’s only Inn and settled in for dinner, when the mayor’s wife came in saying she heard adventurers had come into town and she had an urgent task for them. They followed her back to the mayor’s manor, where the mayor told them that their not-quite-two-year-old daughter had managed to find his family’s magic mirror and crawl through. They had sent what few guard the town had available through after her, but they had not returned for thirty minutes, and the mayor suspected something had gone wrong. The PCs agreed to the job and went through the mirror.

On the other side, the Ranger, Jonnie Willowwisp, pretty quickly found and followed the child’s path, and did not lose it when the child double backed, as the tracks suggested the first group of guards did. Willowwisp led the party through the garden they arrived in up to a high-walled manor.

On the way to the aforementioned manor they were stopped by two Pale Pawns. When they saw the pair on the horizon, the Paladin stood out while the rest of the party hid. After stopping to talk to the Paladin, however, they perceived the hiding party members. After a brief and inane conversation, the pair of Pawns attempted to tax the party for pielessness. While the Paladin prepared to do combat, the Alice was able to convince the Pawns that they also lacked pies and owed taxes, and the party was able to sneak away while they argued between themselves.

They found an entrance to the interior in the wall to the north, and inside the entry hall they found the dead body of a young woman, but could identify no cause of death. They relieved the body of its gold coins and teapot.

At the end of the hall was a locked door, but the Alice was able to pick the lock. Beyond it was a small library, with no obvious sense of organization to it and a seemingly random selection of topics. The Paladin found a ladder going up from the library and found himself assaulted with thrown hedgehogs from above. He ignored the hedgehogs and climbed up, barely missing the child who had been throwing the hedgehogs at him. He pursued the child over the rooftop, and was shortly followed by the rest of the party.

The party descended a chimney in pursuit of the child, but had lost it by the time they assembled themselves back in the interior. They found themselves in a music chamber with no obvious exit. The walls had evenly spaced portraits of an old man. The party checked behind every portrait until they found one that, upon swinging it to the side, opened a secret passage in the wall.

The next room had gravity distortion affecting the items in the room, but not the players. They tied off some ropes and rappelled down the hallway.

The next room was a bed chamber. This was the first room they encountered with a mirror in it, and the Paladin stepped through the mirror. They discovered the disorienting Quiet side of the mirror and spent some time exploring how changes on one side are reflected on the other.

They proceeded into a sitting room, where there was a small bottle labeled “Drink me.” The Alice drank the bottle, and promptly shrank to the size of a mouse. The Barbarian picked him up and carried him about in her pocket.

A hallway, in which the Druid was found cowering in a niche, connected the sitting room to a kitchen, staffed by four pale pawns. The Paladin found he could not abide vampire chefs, and the party dispatched the kitchen crew. They found a cabinet of cakes labeled “Eat me.” and found that eating the cakes made them large. The Alice and Druid assumed large size.

They proceeded through the rest of the mansion unchallenged until they arrived at a room where the missing girl was attempting to climb the sideways furniture. At the center of the room was an orangutan growing increasingly enraged at having nothing but artificial fruit.

The druid kept the orangutan calm while the paladin caught the girl. The party headed back the way they came and returned the girl to her family.


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