Paradiso Countdown – Part 1

I ran the first two days of Paradiso Countdown, the quickstart adventure for the new Infinity RPG. I was using the expanded one that was made available during the Kickstarter, but we ended up only using one of the extra events before I decided it was time to transition into the main quest, lest the players find themselves not feeling any sense of accomplishment.



I’m leaving a gap here in case anybody intends to play the adventure and found themselves here without actually intending to read details in it.




Here’s a link to the adventure log on Obsidian Portal. It also has spoilers:



And here’s the play report:



The PCs arrived at the station, and passed through security. The Dog Warrior and the Hassassin were both able to smuggle their weapons in. The Hexas Agent decided to try to convince security to give over his weapons on the other side.

The Agents were able to watch the announcement of peace between the Tohaa and the Human Sphere before being introduced to their job functions by Corporal Yorgos, local chief of security and Bureau Noir asset.

The Hexas Agent failed to recover his weapons. The Hassassin tried to help and only made matters worse. The Hexas Agent disabled the alarm feature on his station-issued pistol.

The Hexas Agent and the Hassassin took their nanobot pills to sync to station time. The Dog Warrior did not, and was groggy when the security alarm went off in the morning.

They disarmed a small diplomatic incident which had caused the alarm, and proceeded to pursue some personal quests. The Dog Warrior bribed a staffer to deliver  an embarrassing news story about the PanOceanian Ambassador’s sister to a local news anchor. The Hexas and the Hassassin set up comlog alarms on the whereabouts of suspicious individuals.

That night they received a level 8 security alarm, and rushed to the site to find a murder had been committed. A PanOceanian diplomat had been killed with an Antipode Ceremonial Knife.

The incident was put under infoquarantine, and the players were entrusted with personally investigating the murder.

The players set to investigating nearby security footage, with the help of the station computer, Melissa. They split up to investigate their top suspects, and soon found the body of the first of them, evidently killed by a Speculo Killer three days earlier. It appeared that the Speculo had taken the form of a Yu Jing staffer in order to kill the Diplomat, took Tohaa information handed over in secret, presumably sent a copy to its handler, and had not been seen in its previous disguise since.

That is where we left off. The players said they enjoyed themselves, and are looking forward to continuing. I’ve always enjoyed games where no violence happens, I find it brings out the most interesting roleplaying. It’s easy to settle in to rolling to attack without thinking about who you’re playing. One of the players is newer to my table, and found it novel that he hadn’t created the corpses.

To be continued…


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