Starting NCA: Expectations

I have mentioned Infinity in previous postings on this blog. My next several updates will be about Infinity. There are a lot of guides to starting new sectorials and to starting specific sectorials, and I won’t assume I know the answers to everything and provide that, instead I will be documenting my experiences delving into a new sectorial. I have not started yet, so this first article is about my expectations.

Starting in the next few weeks I will commit to playing the NeoTerran Capitaline Army at least until I’ve found my groove with them and feel like I understand the sectorial. It has been nearly two years since I last played PanOceania. I have only ever played Vanilla PanO before. I have decided after spending time on all the flavors of Haqqislam, to take a vacation to the lovely vistas and villas of NeoTerra.

As I’ve never played NCA and I’ve only played against NCA once, I don’t really know what I’m getting into. I do have expectations, though.

First, things I expect to enjoy about playing NCA, outside the table:

  1. I like the sectorial thematically as a Classicist.
  2. I like the Latin names, and especially the Aquila for ties to Rome.
  3. The NeoVatican relations are also fun.

These are the things I expect to enjoy on the table:

  1. TO Camo. Haqqislam only has one TO model in the Tuareg, and as I play more Sectorials than Vanilla, I’ve used the Tuareg… twice? I’m expecting to have a lot of fun with Hexas and Swiss Guard.
  2. MSV3. I’ve been running a lot of Djanbazan cores lately because I run in to a lot of camo/ODD in my meta. Auto discovering and ignoring surprise shot from all those camo tokens is going to be beautiful.
  3. MULTI weapons. Haqqislam has very limited access to MULTI Snipers, and no MULTI Rifles or HMGs. I do love my Shock Ammo, but I am going to enjoy shooting DA again.


While I am really looking forward to that sweet, sweet tech, there are things I know I’ll miss about Haqqislam, and I may find myself wishing I had them or needing to find an alternative method to solve the problems I’ve used them to solve.

I expect I will miss:

  1.  Viral Ammunition. It’s so good.
  2. Shotguns on everything.
  3. Shock Marksman Rifles.
  4. Smoke. NCA doesn’t even have PanO’s single access to Eclipse smoke (the Guarda de Assaulto) so no smoke tricks, and no cover for movement.

I expect the specific things I’ll miss, as well as just some of the differences in what Haqqislam is good at vs what PanO is good at, will give me some difficulties. Especially losing my Haqqislam crutches because not all of them translate directly to something NCA can give me. The most glaring crutch I don’t see a replacement for is Warbands. I love my Warbands. I lean very heavily on Muttawi’ahs and Yuan Yuans in Haqqislam. I’ll still have the DTWs from Auxbots, but those are not Warbands. Without anything to just unleash and cause general chaos more pressure will be put on my main forces to keep the pressure on my opponent. I think I’ll need to improve my ARO game overall and think harder about my deployment.


I said that I want to stick with NCA at least until I’ve found my groove. Everyone has their own play style, but I think that style can be different and sometimes needs to be different from faction to faction in Infinity since the sectorials can be so different from each other. I feel like NCA is well suited to both a very heavy assault approach and to a more delicate approach of powering a few TO units. I expect going in guns blazing will be fun and novel for me, but I’ll tend more to being sneakier and running multiple Hexas with a defensive Fusilier link and inexpensive remotes to power them. I am drawn to those expensive power pieces like the Aquila Guard and the Swiss Guard so I will probably split the difference and build my list around one powerhouse and then Hexas to push buttons and move around the table more freely, and then Fusiliers. I’ll have to give a Bolts Core a try at some point, but I suspect they’ll be more mission specific for me. I’ll probably always have an Albedo Black Friar.

I mentioned several specific units just now, and I’m excited to use all of those, along with a few others. The things I want to make sure I try and am excited to put on the table are:

  1. Aquila Guard
  2. Swiss Guard
  3. Black Friar
  4.  Hexa
  5.  Uhlan
  6.  CSU
  7.  Auxilia


So those are my expectations. I think this is going to be a fun experience for me, and I hope it’s useful and/or interesting to others to be able to read about my experiences delving into this new sectorial. I received a lot of positive commentary about my analysis videos during Wotan, so I intend to bring those back as part of this series.

My closing question for this post is: What would you like me to reflect on during this process?